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SADEVIO is changing the visitor experience.

Welcome your guests with one of the fastest, easiest, and secured systems offered worldwide.

Experience a new generation of visitor management systems that centralizes all your important information, enhances security, and is easily accessible worldwide on any device with a modern web browser. Security features include tracking all guest actions and connecting your current security access system to the SADEVIO visitor management application.

Take advantage of our highly reliable secured cloud solution – no additional infrastructure needed. If you choose to forgo the cloud, our visitor management system can also run within your own infrastructure, with the help of our friendly support team.

Powerful dashboard

Our user portal will make it simple for your Staff to handle every visitor challenge which you are facing
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Easy Check-In process

Simplify your visitor hosting process

Invite your visitor with the simple pre-registration tool
Check-In Process
Simplify and monitor the check-in process of your visitors
Audit your visitor movement and activities