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Features old

Features old


Created to give you limitless options.

Offering a diverse selection of features, SADEVIO will forever change the way you interact with visitors. Detailed language options, web-service connectivity, and check-in personalization are just a few of the exciting features offered to the modern business.


Customized language settings are available, with no limitations on the number of languages used.


Have different companies under one roof ? Not a problem! Run different tenants with one main system and keep them completely separate.

Multiple locations

Have facilities worldwide? Set up and provide service to different locations


Access and use your system anywhere on any device with a modern browser, especially helpful for global corporations

Web service enabled

Connect any system to your visitor management system: internal applications, access systems and/or other business relevant applications.


Host our application in your own infrastructure or use the SADEVIO highly reliable secured cloud solution.

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Visitor Management

Manage your daily visits in a simple, fast, modern way.


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Give your visitors a professional experience from invitation to check-out with an intuitive, easy workflow during the check-in progress. Usable on any touchscreen device at check-in.


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Secure your visits by connecting your SADEVIO system to an access system in order to monitor your visitors’ status in real time, and view all activity using the detailed log overview.


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Send customized, multilingual notifications to your visitors to invite them, remind your hosts to check out visitors, or inform them that visitors arrived at a specific location.


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