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Visitor Check-in

Visitor Check-in

No more wasteful paper forms to fill out for your guests. No more losing, filing or archiving visitor logs.

Welcome your visitors with our check-in terminal, customized to the user’s language of choice. Run our application on any touchable device with a modern web browser.

Single visitor and group check-in is fast and simple!

Visitors can check-in quickly with a custom code sent to them prior to their visit via the pre-registration application. Have all important information in one consolidated email to make it a simple and fast check-in experience.

Receive a detailed overview of each visit to finalize all information. Edit any typos or other errors to ensure accuracy and maintain professionalism.

Check-in Processing Signal policies

Let your visitor sign your privacy policy – customize and change your policy in the maintenance section and have it available in different languages.

Confirm all visitors with the host’s signature; hosts can confirm multiple visitors simultaneously and change the visit time range.

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