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Add the visit to google pay.

Our Pre-registration feature now allows your visitors to add the invitation to Google Pay.

Why should it only be easy at the airport, to check-in to a flight? Sadevio now allows you to add the visit to your Google Pay as an Event-Pass. It simply gives you all important information and lets you quickly check-in with the provided QR-Code.

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Sadevio Temporary Access Card Replacement

The Sadevio Visitor Management System can automatically create a temporary access cards for employees.

The system will conveniently create an access card/badge for your employees, if they forget their access cards, but need a card to enter the building. No more waisted time contacting HR or security for a temporary card. They can use our completely automated self-service kiosk to quickly get a temporary access card 24/7 and get back to work.

For a common problem, we have the solution!

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